Simulation Codes

This page explains what you have to do in order to have access to the simulation programs that are describe in the bibliography below.
The software is free, given with no warranty, and the author of the software is not responsable for any misuse or any consequences that may come of its use.
You may change this software and adapt it to your needs, but you have to mention the author (Ricardo Mendes Ribeiro) in every publication (both on paper or on the web) that results from the use of this software. The mention should be on the aknowledgements (or similar) and not as a co-author of the work, and must be included even if you change significantly this software. And you should send a copy of the publication to the Author, for reference.

How to get the Code

You can get the Codes of this software by sending an email to the Author ( stating:


Here is a list of publications that are related to this software.

Effect of molecular properties on the performance of polymer light-emitting diodes
Marta M.D. Ramos, A.M. Almeida, Helena M.G. Correia, R. Mendes Ribeiro, A.M. Stoneham
Appl. Surf. Sci. 238 (2004) 438-443

Mesoscopic Study Of The Electronic Properties Of Thin Polymer Films
Ricardo M. Ribeiro, Marta M. D. Ramos, A. M. Almeida, Helena M. G. Correia, Jaime Silva, A. M. Stoneham
Mat. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. 744 (2003) 549-554

Understanding electron flow in conducting polymer films: injection, mobility, recombination and mesostructure
A M Stoneham, M M D Ramos, A M Almeida, H M G Correia, R M Ribeiro, H Ness and A J Fisher
J Phys Cond Mat 14 (2002) 9877-9898

The mesoscopic modelling of multilayered polymer diodes
R. Mendes Ribeiro
Thin Solid Films Submitted (2006)